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203Re: Beauce

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  • Marc Foster
    Feb 23, 1999
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      >>Marc - stand back, I got a geography degree and I ain't afraid to
      >> use it... :)

      >From: James Karkoski <austin@...>

      >Your degree has served you well. Having the 75-76 NAHL Media Guide I
      >can tell you that the mailing address of the team was indeed St.
      >Georges de Beauce.

      Based on some limited data, I'd venture the area had a population
      of maybe 50,000. I don't have a lot of confidence in that figure
      though, since Canada's system isn't quite like the U.S....

      Gimme a laptop hooked up to a decent GPS system and I'm one of the
      best navigators a storm-chase team could have.

      Marc - who's never guided a chase team directly into a tornado's
      path... well, almost never

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