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202Re: Beauce

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  • Benoit Gagnon
    Jan 12, 1999
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      Marc Foster wrote:
      > From: "Marc Foster" <mdfoster@...>
      > >From: "Ralph Slate" <slater@...>
      > >Does anyone know where the Beauce Jaros of the NAHL played? I don't
      > >think that Beauce is the actual name of the town, I think it refers
      > >to a region. I know the rink name was the Palias de Sports, but I'm
      > >just not sure of the town.
      > If you look at a map of Quebec, about an hour southeast of Quebec
      > City on HWY 73 one runs across a series of towns with Beauce in
      > the placename. There's St.-Joesph-de-Beauce, then Beauceville,
      > then finally, St.-Georges, which has Beauce listed in parenthesis
      > beneath it. My guess is the Jaros played along in here somewhere.
      > Marc - stand back, I got a geography degree and I ain't afraid to
      > use it... :)

      Hi everyone,
      i'm on the list from few days, but it's my first post.

      So, for answering your question, the Jaros played in Palais des Sports at

      I'm working actually working on a tribute website for them.

      Benoit Gagnon
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