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  • Jeff Cos
    Jan 1, 2001
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      But didn't those rumours about "Wendy" Clark all begin simply because he
      lived at the same address as Toller Cranston?? (rented a room or
      something).....talk about homophobia! I suppose some sports reporters
      thought they were doing him a "favour" by not writing about who he lived
      with.....Stephane Richer, oddly enough, went through the same thing in
      Montreal at about the same time, but I have no idea how those started

      bearcats wrote:
      > There was that ugly incident in St. Louis with Doug Gilmour and a
      > babysitter. The next thing you know, he's learning how to rope cattle in
      > Calgary.
      > And there's plenty of rumours about Wendell that I don't want to touch.
      > As for the Kordic troubles, they were well documented before his death. I
      > remember watching a CBC report about Kordic when he was in Quebec. He and
      > Bryan Marchment, another of the NHL's problem children, were rooming
      > together. Both admitted alcoholics said they roomed to look after each
      > other. How ironic.
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