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1906Re: Evel Knievel: Pro Hockey Player?

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  • James Karkoski
    Jun 23, 1999
      >From: GEORGE LLOYD <gjlhome@...>

      >> I came across something very interesting last night. According to the
      >> Evel Knievel web site, before he was jumping cars and breaking bones, he
      >> was a minor league hockey player, in 1959 with the EHL Charlotte Clippers
      to be exact.
      >I've seen a picture of him on ice with a Seattle Americans jersy on
      >when he had a tryout with the team back in the 50's. I don't think he
      >actually played any league games but he may have played in exibition

      Now this blurb which was posted on the list a long time ago makes more
      sense. I don't feel so sorry for Les Binkley now:

      From "60 Years of Hockey" by Brian McFarlane, pg.240 (McGraw-Hill-Ryerson

      "Late in the season daredevil Evil Knievel donned skates for a publicity
      stunt at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. Knievel pocketed $10,000 when he
      beat Toro's goalie Les Binkley on two out of four penalty shots between

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