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15307Re: [hockhist] text clipping

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  • Pattie Anderson
    Aug 1, 2000
      > I think that this has been constantly addressed,
      > however it might also be that some e-mail systems
      > (namely freeones like Yahoo! or Hotmail) may not let
      > you edit forwarded (and sometimes replied) e-mail.
      > For instance, my own personal e-mail address (not my
      > icehockeyalmanac@... address) will not let
      > meedit any forwarded text. D!

      I have used both Hotmail and Yahoo! (in fact, I'm
      using Yahoo now), and while it may not let you edit
      forwarded material, both let you edit replies. Both
      will also allow you to cut and paste sections so you
      do not need to include an entire message when replying
      to it.

      I've switched to digest mode while I'm out of town,
      and I must agree with the original poster (John?) that
      the often-superfluous amount of quoted and forwarded
      text makes the digest *very* difficult to read.

      As always, YMMV,


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      change the subject." ~ Sir Winston Churchill

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