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  • Ralph Slate
    May 31, 1999
      > Thats never been the problem and you know it. The problem in
      > Winnipeg and Quebec and sooner or later Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa
      > is that there isn't enough corporate support. Lets face it, NHL
      > arena's aren't filled with fans, but "corporate fans." Many real
      > fans can't afford to go to a NHL game, be it in Canada or America.
      > Canadian cities also don't have government support either. There's
      > no lack of fan support.

      That's exactly right. About 4 years ago I checked into getting season
      tickets to the Whalers. The tickets would have been $1000 for the
      highest seats for the season. That's a lot of dough to sit in the
      nosebleeds -- the good seats were $2000 for the season. Sure, maybe I
      could have paid that, but I couldn't convince 3 other people to buy
      seats along with me -- no one wanted to pay to see a bad team.

      When corporations have the seats, there's more of a buffer zone. It
      takes a few years of bad hockey before companies cancel their tickets
      (but it still happens -- it did in Boston when the Bruins were
      stinking up the joint).

      However, the corporations owning the seats is going to be bad in the
      long run. No longer does a person take their family to the game --
      more like a couple of guys show up at the game 1/2 way through the
      first period, leave 1/2 way through the 3rd period, and don't ever
      really get into the game -- and they don't care because they got the
      tickets for free from their company. And kids get more excited by WWF
      wrestling than they do by hockey. Pretty soon the NHL teams have very
      few loyal fans, and when they have a losing record for a season or
      two they are hurt badly economically because they start drawing 80%
      of capacity. Look at the NY Islanders.


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