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1469Re: Canada vs America

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  • Joe Pelletier
    May 31, 1999
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      > The problem with this Joe is that of you want to have "pro hockey" then
      > you have got to have "fans" to watch it.

      Thats never been the problem and you know it. The problem in Winnipeg
      and Quebec and sooner or later Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa is that
      there isn't enough corporate support. Lets face it, NHL arena's aren't
      filled with fans, but "corporate fans." Many real fans can't afford to
      go to a NHL game, be it in Canada or America. Canadian cities also
      don't have government support either. There's no lack of fan support.

      > And this is why pro hockey has
      > always been both Canada's and America's game.Canada has
      > always needed Americans to watch it. How many people in Canada
      > are actually willing to admit even that??

      Sure. The NHL is a North American game. Its not a game, itsa corporation too. Fact is, hockey is
      bigger than the NHL.

      > If you want to say you love "hockey" that is fine, but when you belittle

      > the American spectators participation in it, than you only really love
      > "Canadian Hockey."

      I don't think anyone belittled anything of that sort.

      > I have always found it kind of strange that a country which has always
      > thought of itself as "multicultural" could be so "monocultural" when it
      > came to one sport.

      We like curling too!

      Hockey Over Time
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