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1463Re: Canada vs America

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  • James Karkoski
    Jun 1, 1999
      >From: Joe <fuzzymonkey@...>
      >I find this whole Canada vs America debate between Bill and James
      >(I believe) to be very interesting.
      >I'd just like to say that maybe James, who's hockey knowledge I
      >respect enough put on a level only matched by Pat Houda, doesn't
      >quite realize how important hockey is in Canada. I don't know if
      >anyone does, including myself. Its tough to put into words. Its not just
      >a sport
      >that everyone watches. Its a huge part of the culture. Its something
      >that has tied this country together. In such a large and diverse
      >hockey has always been a constant, coast to coast. It gives Canada
      >its greatest form of national pride. Its more than a sport.
      >I've always wondered how big of a role hockey has played in keeping
      >Canada together. Lets face it, Quebec has been trying to get out for
      >years. During the 70s and 80s the famous Canada vs Russia battles
      >filled everyone with so much nationalist pride, including Quebecers.
      >But now Quebec is closer than ever to voting to seperate. I sure
      >wish we had a Red Army vs Habs game coming up soon. Schedule
      >it a week before the referendum and maybe Quebec will stay!
      >When Canadian based teams leave for the States, its not just an
      >NHL team leaving Canada, its like part our national pride is being
      >taken over and "Americanized." Canada and the States are basically
      >the same, but Canadians are very proud of the few things that make
      >use different. To see a Canadian based team leave for the states
      >rips at the heart of our culture.

      The problem with this Joe is that of you want to have "pro hockey" then
      you have got to have "fans" to watch it. And this is why pro hockey has
      always been both Canada's and America's game.Canada has always needed
      Americans to watch it.

      How many people in Canada are actually willing to admit even that?? Which
      is the reason why I started flaming Bill.

      If you want to say you love "hockey" that is fine, but when you belittle
      the American spectators participation in it, than you only really love
      "Canadian Hockey."

      I have always found it kind of strange that a country which has always
      thought of itself as "multicultural" could be so "monocultural" when it
      came to one sport.

      And I've always thought Canadians were selling themselves a bit short
      when they started thinking of hockey as the only way to define themselves.

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