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11046Re: [hockhist] WHA exhibition in Portland

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    Apr 1, 2000
      On Sat, 01 Apr 2000 01:05:47 -0800 Dana Shima <orangeco@...>

      > > If Sunday night's exhibition game between the Vancouver Blazers
      > and San
      > > Diego Mariners at Memorial Coliseum was any indication, the World
      > Hockey
      > > Association's debut in Portland was about as encouraging as the
      > stock
      > > market of late.
      > >
      > > It bombed.
      > I wonder if there was a lot of resentment from the Portland fans for
      > the
      > demise of the Buckaroos. In San Diego, many WHL Gulls fans
      > boycotted the
      > Mariners and attendance dropped somewhat during the Mariner's era.

      It's hard to say. I really don't know.

      I do know, however, that the senior Buckaroos (made up of many of the
      same WHL Bucks) were about to start their season in the WIHL. On October
      5th, (the night before the WHA game) the WIHL Buckaroos played an
      exhibition game vs. New Westminster in front of approximately 1,200 fans
      in a half-full Jantzen Ice Arena.

      I don't know if the fans felt priced out of the WHA game or not. IMO,
      compared to Trail Blazers tickets of the era, the WHA game was quite a
      deal. From the Oregonian ad: "Tickets - $5, $4, $3. Students 16 and
      under 1/2 price." I can't imagine the WIHL Buckaroos tickets being any
      more than that.

      > I do remember reading WHA co-founder Gary Davidson's book "Breaking
      > the Game
      > Wide Open" about letting all the big city WHL teams in for a fairly
      > reasonable franchise fee. Can't remember all the details.

      Hmm...Is that book still in print? I'm sure some stuff is out of date,
      and it would be from Davidson's side of the story, but I'd be interested
      in reading it for the historic value.

      > > Ingils (? - smeared original print)
      > LW Lee Inglis who played mostly with the Mariner's farm team in
      > Syracuse that
      > season and a handful of games with the parent club.

      Thanks Dana. I don't know why I didn't think of this until now, but I
      really should've checked out Ralph's site to get the right names. Of
      course, I could've run into the problem of the players not having any
      regular season stats, but as we see, that wasn't the case. Thanks again!

      > Reg Krezanski. I actually saw him last Saturday at the Gulls game
      > with 2/3
      > of the Hansen Brothers and a bunch of San Diego oldtimers, some of
      > them who
      > actually remember the PCHL Skyhawks.

      I don't want to degenerate this thread (or any other, for that matter)
      into a Slapshot review, but why don't the "Hanson Brothers" do their
      routine anymore? I thought I heard something about Jack or Jeff Carlson
      having no interest in it? I don't mean to spread around rumor, I'm just
      looking for the real info.

      > GOALIES
      > > San Diego: Judkin (? - smeared original print), Denoncourt
      > Joe Junkin. I've never heard of Denoncourt.

      Ah, thanks again Dana!

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