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Re: [hockeydisk] Positions played

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  • Jeff & Cheryl Kraus
    Other than following the listings in THN I don t know what advice we could give. It s not much different than predicting how much ice time a guy will get.
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 23, 2000
      Other than following the listings in THN I don't know what
      advice we could give. It's not much different than
      predicting how much ice time a guy will get. You have a
      general idea, but no guarantees.

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      So what kind of advise do you have for predicting what
      positions player may
      be rated at for next season?

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      >I was wondering how the ratings team determined what
      positions a player has
      >played during the season. The reason I ask is that I have
      seen a given
      >player listed as having multiple primary positions by
      several different
      >reliable hockey sources ( ESPN, THN, Sporting News, Slam,
      etc.) and then not
      >be rated at some of those positions.

      Our primary source was THN, our secondary source was an
      internet listserv where the author monitored televised games
      and noted the line combinations that were used. He did this
      on a weekly basis, though a little sporadically. Pre-season
      position designations are very unreliable.

      >Is there anyway to find out what positions a player has
      played during a
      >given game?
      >Is there a way of finding out what positions a player has
      played so far this

      No on both counts. The only way to reliably determine what
      positions were played in what game is to watch the game and
      observe how each player is used. The best you can do is to
      check THN each week (we consider their listings the most
      reliable for line combinations, though they list them on a
      week-by-week basis and not game-by-game).

      The positions you see on various rosters - even on a team's
      own web site - are extremely unreliable. One of the players
      I follow very closely (almost to the point of obsession some
      would say <g>) is Richard Zednik, and his is the perfect
      example. Almost every source last year listed him as a LW,
      but he only appeared in a handful of games at that position,
      mostly when Simon was hurt. Yet this year he's once again
      listed at LW by several sources, and once again used almost
      exclusively at RW thus far. If you have access to the
      official score sheets on NHL.Com (or if you saw them last
      year) you'll see it's not uncommon to see some crazy stuff,
      like a team with 5 centers, 6 LW and 1 RW in their line-up.
      That's because they don't track in-game positions, only the
      position the guy is listed at on their roster.


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