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Re: FaceOff Hockey

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  • Cos90
    ... which way? I don t know about other stats-based sims, but in APBA I can make line changes during the game, including actually juggling the lines. I can
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2000
      >>every few seconds -- once the game starts, his input as to how
      >>the game flows is pretty much over, he told me.
      >And this differs from APBA or any other statistic-based hockey sim in
      which way?

      I don't know about other stats-based sims, but in APBA I can make line
      changes during the game, including actually juggling the lines. I can decide
      whether to go into aggressive forechecking mode or retreat into a defensive
      shell, during the game. I can pull the goalie, I can change lines on the
      lots of things that you simply can't do on FaceOff.

      >>As for a new, Windows-based interface: big fat hairy deal. I'd take
      >>a good DOS game over a bad Windows one any day of the week.
      >>The announcement of "a new Windows-based interface" does not
      >>impress me in the least.
      >It's not a *new* interface. It's been around for two years now and will
      probably hit its >third uplift in the next hockey season.

      My point being, given that the DOS version didn't impress me at all, a
      Windows interface is unlikely to impress me just because it's a Windows
      interface. You're going to have to do better than that.

      >>If or when Face-Off ever gets to the level of flexibility, customization,
      >>player input/involvement, and ease of play that APBA already has,
      >>then I'll consider taking another look at the product.

      >Face-Off benefits by giving the customers the *EXACT* same player creation
      tools that >the developers use. There are/were some decisions made that
      could have been made >a little different, but all in all, it's a *much*
      easier game to use if you're actually playing >the games instead of simming

      This is not the impression I got from the game.

      >How do I know all this?
      >I was the lead programmer for the original Windows team. I'm quite proud
      of what I >managed to accomplish in a little under two months and with
      *very* minimal funding. >But I'm also quite aware of the shortcomings,
      both of my UI design and of the game's >sim engine itself.

      Shortcomings, eh? Do tell.

      >The main thing to remember is that the underlying engine of FACEOFF Hockey
      and APBA >Hockey are two totally different engines. FACEOFF achieves its
      accuracy by sacrificing a >little realism.

      I thought accuracy and realism went hand-in-hand. Your statement reads
      the same as "We achieved large size by sacrificing some bigness." Please
      what you mean by "accuracy" and "realism".

      In any case, I *like* the APBA engine. I like the way the game flows. I did
      like the same aspects of FaceOff. A personal preference, to be sure, but
      there it

      >Each "segment" in FACEOFF hockey is 24 seconds long. And a pass or a shot
      or a >skating event is only a "representation" of the action that takes
      place in those 24 >seconds.


      >I personally like a shorter segment akin to APBA Hockey. I believe that
      you can gain >back some realism without sacrificing any accuracy. *BUT* if
      we're never going to see >any upgrades over v4, then users are naturally
      going to start looking elsewhere.

      If that were the case, then a disk project like this wouldn't exist.

      >Since this list is about the hockey disk, I once again raise the spectre
      of a new freely->available game that uses the products of the hockey disk
      people gathered here. If >someone were to develop a game that used ratings
      very similar to APBA's ratings, the >ability to use both last year's and
      this year's disks (and any future disks) would be a >godsend for users
      everywhere. If you owned APBA's disks, you'd be able to use those >because
      of their liberal licensing. But the disk project's license restricts you a
      bit. If the >license were changed just an iota, then someone with the guts
      and desire to build a >new game could give that back to this community.

      In other words, a game that is compatible with APBA disk products. I'm not
      how feasible that is, given that the disks are designed to work with the APBA
      game engine itself.

      >Jeff...you keep talking about buying APBA's hockey game from them. I
      would suggest >that if you had the money to do that, it might be in your
      better interest to fund a small >group of developers to develop a new game
      for you. With the talent that is on this list >(you, me, Dave Atkinson,
      and a couple others), we've got the knowledge. And a couple >of us have a
      sim engine that can be used. Just more wool-gathering. 8-)

      What we need is to have someone with deep pockets (single or collective) to
      convince APBA that, since they aren't supporting the product any longer, they
      should sell it. After all, APBA started off as some other game whose name
      escapes me at the moment, which APBA picked up to be their hockey game...

      Hey, maybe we should all start writing to Strat-o-Matic to have they buy out
      APBA's hockey computer game and market it as their own.

      Glenn St-Germain
      Commissioner, NWHL

      Glenn St-Germain ยง Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
      "There is no longer any normal to be"
      -- Gary Numan
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