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Re: [hockeydisk] Back-up goalies

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  • mark wendling
    Without having stats in front of me this second, might I make a suggestion on Valiquette. Why produce him on the disk? His playing time was the equivilent of 3
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
      Without having stats in front of me this second, might I make a suggestion
      on Valiquette. Why produce him on the disk?

      His playing time was the equivilent of 3 games, maybe goalies should be on
      minutes not just GP.

      Just a thought....

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      >Subject: [hockeydisk] Back-up goalies
      >Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 22:45:47 -0400
      >Well, from an APBA standpoint this whole study doesn't do
      >much to cure the "freak" goalies, but it sure was
      >interesting to see the differences in how various coaches
      >use their back-up goalies.
      >You've got Toronto, where you can only wonder how many games
      >they blew by letting Healy blow a lot of games that would
      >have been easy wins for CuJo.
      >You've got Boston where Grahame's .939 in 9 starts - ALL
      >against playoff-bound teams - got him a trip to the minors
      >when Dafoe wised up, and even after he was called up again
      >in late February he got a lot of significant starts and
      >wound up playing 89% of his time against playoff teams &
      >playoff contenders. Not exactly freak stats there.
      >And then you've got New Jersey, where the theory was to not
      >blow any easy wins and take their chances with Terreri
      >against some middle-of-the road teams, which as it turned
      >out included some starts against very good teams (Washington
      >twice, St. Louis) that weren't supposed to be as good as
      >they were. Even so, only 1 of Terreri's 10 starts was a
      >cakewalk, against Nashville.
      >So I'll spare you the boring details and cut to the chase.
      >I actually found a guy (Terreri) whose ratings might even go
      >up a little to compensate for degree of difficulty in his
      >assignments (but they still won't come close to making you
      >want Terreri for your APBA team!). The same argument could
      >be made for Grahame, but since Grahame's numbers are already
      >pretty high and since he didn't play much worse against the
      >top teams as he did against the patsies I wouldn't want to
      >mess with his ratings. Anyway, back to Terreri. His
      >numbers were awful, but almost 90% of it came against
      >playoff & contending teams. His numbers against those teams
      >are similar to other back-ups, like Billington. In his only
      >start against a patsy he stopped 31 of 32. So his ratings
      >can come up a little to compensate, but not much. He was
      >still pretty horrible.
      >The only highly rated back-up whose stats might have been
      >inflated is Manny Fernandez. Fernandez got 57% of his
      >playing time against garbage teams, including 12 of his 19
      >starts. On the other hand, his .922 save percentage in
      >those games is not much higher than it was against the
      >better teams! I think you have to factor in Dallas's
      >defense there and figure his ratings can come down a point.
      >The only real freak goalie this year is Valiquette, with his
      >.949 in 6 games. But he didn't really play anywhere near 6
      >games. He started twice, against Ottawa and Atlanta, and
      >stopped 82 of 85 (45 of 46 vs. Ottawa). He played 1 minute
      >vs. NJ, and mopped up against Phoenix, Pittsburgh and
      >Toronto with about 20 minutes each game. Total playing time
      >was barely more than 3 games. I'll probably limit him to 3
      >or 4 in our league. Anyone who lets him start 50-60 games
      >in their league will get what they deserve. But his brief
      >performance warrants the ratings he'll get for this small
      >slice of time.
      >The other above average back-ups - Denis, Giguere, Nabokov -
      >all played less than 50% of their time against poor teams,
      >and none of them had the wild splits in performance like we
      >saw with Billington. In fact, Nabokov fared much *better*
      >against the better teams than the slugs, even if you discard
      >his mop up games.
      >But here's my absolute favorite: Glenn Healy. The guy had
      >an .888 save percentage, so you figure he's probably not
      >worth having on your APBA team so just leave the guy alone.
      >But I can't. It's just too outrageous. Dude had 19 starts
      >and one mop-up appearance. SIXTEEN of his 19 starts were
      >against garbage teams!!! Dude's with a division winner,
      >gets 19 starts, 16 against the bowels of the league, and he
      >STILL loses more than half his starts (9-10-0) and posts an
      >.898 save percentage against the worst teams in the league.
      >In his other 3 starts and his mop-up effort he had a less
      >than stellar .839. Hate to kick a guy when he's down, but
      >his ratings are coming dooooown.
      >That's enough for now. This concludes my study on back-up
      >goaltenders and freak goalie stats. :-)

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