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this year's APBA disk

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  • D. Atkinson
    All, The disk process is moving along fairly well. With a full NHL season, we should have a nice strong disk this year (82 games gives better statistical
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2014
      The disk process is moving along fairly well. With a full NHL season, we should have a nice strong disk this year (82 games gives better statistical variations than 48 games). I'm working the numbers now, and the rating site is open. I'd like to put out a plea to the community to get a few more raters. The number of reviews is critical, as is the diversity of the reviews.
      Below is Ken's email to the community. If you have not done reviews and have not accessed the site, please think about doing so. The APBA community is just that, a community, and the continued life of the game will be dependent on the input of the entire community.
      Working reviews is easy.....there is a "I don't know" button that you can click as much as you want.......19 or 20 times even, and that's fine. We're really trying to get some good, diverse input on player skills. I do ask that you check it out if you haven't done so. Thanks!


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      Subject:[hockeydisk] Disk rating voting about 2/3 complete
      Date:20 May 2014 11:07:23 -0700
      From:ken@... [hockeydisk] <hockeydisk@yahoogroups.com>
      Update on the disk rating voting progress:

      As we have for the past two years, we're using a voting system to rate players for the upcoming APBA hockey disk. Our goal is to have amasses over 40,000 votes by the team the NHL Stanley Cup is presented and then turn those voted into ratings for the disk.

      To date, thirty-three voters have submitted over 27,000 votes so far. We’re about 13,000 votes shy of the goal with the NHL conference and Stanley Cup finals to go.

      Please keep up the voting and be sure to pass on the word to anyone else who might be interested. If every active voter submitted 50 votes a day, we’d be done in a week.

      If you would like to participate in the voting, vote at: http://rate.hbmhl.com

      Here's some general details:

      For the past three years, the disk team has solicited participation from the user community by running a dichotomous voting system so solicit input on player ratings.

      "What's a dichotomous voting system?" you might ask. For those of you familiar with The Social Network movie, it essentially FaceSmash for NHL players. You are given a category and two players and asked who you think is "better" in that category. If you are unsure, you can skip it and move to the next. It's fun and addictive.

      Once we've received enough results, we can process them into the disk ratings.

      One caveat: we need a LOT of results (over 40,000) to generate accurate ratings. The more we get, the more accurate the ratings will be. So we're going to be inviting as many knowledgeable hockey people as we can find to participate, asking them to vote as many times as they can. The site is smartphone friendly, so it's easy to knock out a few dozen votes on your commute (if you take public transit), during your lunch, in a waiting room, etc. Even though you'll place a ton of votes, accuracy is still very important, so please use the 'I don't know' button liberally!

      Once voting is closed, an Elo (Google it) rating system is used to parse the voting results in to actual APBA disk ratings.

      To sign up, visit the voting site at http://rate.hbmhl.com/ and click the 'Request access' link. You can vote as much* or as little as you'd like, and all of your input will have a big impact in this season's disk.

      Thanks and happy voting!

      (* Well, not really as much as you want. The site will throttle your voting at a certain point so that individual voters don't sway the ratings too much.)

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