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RE: [hockeydisk] help with ideas for solo fantasy replays

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  • Joe Sutherland
    Hey fellas, I had this article forwarded to me by a fellow league member. It s a formula to determine the league s best defensive forwards. Worth a look...
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      Hey fellas,
      I had this article forwarded to me by a fellow league member.  It's a formula to determine the league's best defensive forwards.  Worth a look...
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      Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 09:06:34 +0000
      Subject: [hockeydisk] help with ideas for solo fantasy replays

      so I'm toying with the idea of doing a 'solo' fantasy league, where I pick one team that is mine, and then I run sims seeing how I do from year to year. I'd do it by draft from scratch, but I'd need some pretty strict rules for drafting for all teams, so that it's not too easy for me.

      For instance, initially I was thinking each team would automatically draft highest FB...however this would make it super easy for me to build for the future as I'd basically get EVERY player who has a poor year on disk but a great career. Within one or two seasons I bet I'd be unbeatable. So that's out.

      Then I thought of somehow combining FB with length of career...might be a bit tricky to do that, but something like picking the player with the longest career, and if there is a tie then they pick the highest FB of those. That 'might' work. But again you might run into a mediocre guy with 12 NHL seasons or a superstar with 11.

      Then I thought of another option...I would do an entire 'mock draft' every time there is a draft, numbering the players in the order that I think they should be drafted. And then at each pick, I roll a die, say a 6 sided, and that player chooses one of the next 6 players on the list, corresponding to the number. To me this seems to be a pretty decent option and allows for some variety and chance.

      I would also need some sort of method to assure that teams end up with a balanced roster and can at least skate a decent lineup (ie avoid situations where a team has 7 LW but only 2 RW, or where a team has 4 goalies and another team has none.)

      And I would need to decide how to handle trades...should I allow myself to trade with other teams at all? If so, how do I ensure that it's a 'fair' trade? Perhaps I have to be sure that all trades involve more career points going the other way as well as at least an equal combined D Rate?

      Lineups and player usage...I think I'd use a really simplified player usage system (ie players can either play a full season or half season, depending on NHL gp on disk), and I'd simply choose the lineups for all teams and they'd stay consistent the whole season. If I end up doing the 70's instead, I may even consider using autoroster rather than manually tracking all teams' lineups.

      Anyway, I'm just brainstorming as I write this, I just thought of this idea an hour ago and am trying to figure out how I could make it work and still make it fun and challenging.

      Also if this helps any, I'm thinking of starting with Original 6 rosters which would simplify things somewhat if there's only 6 teams to worry about total. The other option is I might do the 70's instead.

      Thanks in advance for any feedback or ideas!

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