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Re: position list for disk

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  • Alan Tignanelli
    ... Dave, I don t think you d get a lot out of the NHL stats - as I said, they don t actually list Orpik as a left wing, they list him as playing defense on
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 29, 2008
      > Posted by: "D. Atkinson" boomhound@...
      > Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:04 pm (PDT)
      > We have been using the Hockey News lineups as the data source. If
      > someone were to compile all the data from the NHL.com site
      > relating to positions, we'd strongly consider adding data from
      > there (although I doubt it would effect more than 10-12 players,
      > and usually very very minor position adjustments like the one you
      > mention). I used to have 3 good position sources, but now I only
      > have the one (Hockey News). It is all a question of
      > effort.....the proper data has be extracted to use, and I don't
      > have time to do it myself, given all the other items I need to
      > work on the disk, like making sure all the stats numbers are
      > input and correct. I had a couple of volunteers work the
      > positions from the Hockey News the way it was. If someone were to
      > volunteer to do an exhaustive comparison of the current data I
      > sent out against that in the NHL.com database, I'd consider
      > updating the positions. However, adding a forward position to
      > some defenseman who played a couple games there in an emergency
      > situation does not add a ton of value to the disk......I caught
      > the major situations were someone played a strange position,
      > usually more than just a couple times.
      > d

      I don't think you'd get a lot out of the NHL stats - as I said, they
      don't actually list Orpik as a left wing, they list him as playing
      defense on the roster, but he's in the wing slot on the play-by-play for
      the game. Compounding the issue, he's in the LW slot, but listed as a D
      and there's another LW there. Had I not known that Orpik actually
      played left wing this year, I'd have no reason to suspect that he was a
      LW without going through the play-by-play line by line. Not only that,
      but I believe some coaches have been known to use three D in odd
      situations (much less common than using four forwards on a power play,
      for instance), so we'd have to have some sort of idea how the player was
      actually being used. Too much effort, I suspect, for a couple games a

      As I said, I didn't know if you even tried to take all that into account.

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