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  • D. A. Atkinson
    I d like to welcome you all on board!!! A few weeks ago, while the disk team was frantically researching Warren Luhning s skating ability, a revelation hit us
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 1999
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      I'd like to welcome you all on board!!!
      A few weeks ago, while the disk team was frantically researching Warren
      Luhning's skating ability, a revelation hit us to start an email list.
      Granted, we're
      nearly done with this year's disk and the discussions here won't have much
      on the disk as it will be out soon, but we decided we could do the disk even
      better next year if we got the hard core APBA gamers involved in the
      of both process and players. That should be why you signed up.
      Those of us on the disk team are hard core hockey fans and APBA hockey
      fanatics. We all run or have run long term sucessful leagues. And we all
      have perspective on the ratings. We NEVER let our emotions get in the way
      of this project. You may not like Lindros, but that shouldn't stop you from
      giving him his deserved 4's and 5's in every catagory. You may hate
      but he deserves his his 5 PHY and 5 INT due to his bone crushing open
      ice hits. We strived with the disk to capture the essense of every player,
      and provide gamers with the best disk ever.
      We also have a unique insight into the game. I programmed version 4. Jeff
      Kraus wrote the APHComm utility, among others. Steve Couloumbe has
      written some nice utilities for the game. Jim Connell, who will get a final
      review say on the ratings, is the creator of the game. We feel that the
      team is supremely qualified to do this disk the right way.
      However, we're not so proud to think that we don't make mistakes
      or overlook things. That's why we wanted to start this email list. To
      get the thoughts of the gamers. If you have a gripe about the disk,
      post it here. If you're being a homer and are mad your favorite player
      didn't get all "5's", don't be surprised if you get told why, in no uncertain
      terms, and with statistics backing up our side. If you want to gripe, at least
      some brainpower into it. I really don't want to see this list turn into a
      bunch of teen agers on hormonal overload chanting "so and so sucks".
      There is too much of that on the net, and we're too serious about hockey
      and the APBA sim to put up with that stuff here.
      Besides gripes, let's talk process. Let's discuss what we did in putting
      the disk together, and what can be done to make it better. The new
      NHL stats have gored alot of sacred cows (like a Ron Francis 5 faceoff
      rating). We want to make sure that we are making the best use of
      the stats and not overlooking obvious misuse of new stats.
      Feel free to begin discussions. I want you to keep in mind that I'm a busy
      guy, as are Jeff and Steve, so all questions won't get answered immediately.
      I expect a barage of different topics, but I personally like to follow one
      thread until it is completed to everyone's satisfaction before moving on.
      That's not to say that other discussion's shouldn't take place, but I
      may only take time to clear up one topic in detail at a time.
      I have left the group unmoderated (I am the list's manager right now) and
      I expect to keep it this way as long as flame wars don't break out. Nearly
      all of the hard core APBA hockey fans I know are intelligent and reasonable
      people; we have to be intelligent to read the fast scrolling text :).
      I don't expect too many problems, but I do expect alot of enlightening
      Let the discussions begin!!!!!!!!!!



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