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First round of GOAL draft....

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  • Anthony Blanda
    First round of GOAL draft is at the bottom of this email. League needs GM for Chicago Black Hawks, contact me directly at Fotiu22Fan@cox.net if you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2007
      First round of GOAL draft is at the bottom of this email. League
      needs GM for Chicago Black Hawks, contact me directly at
      Fotiu22Fan@... if you are interested.

      Season disks 1975-76, 1976-77 & 1977-78 now available.

      The GOAL (http://sandman.kicks-ass.net/~goal/) will be started it's
      first draft on March 3rd 2007. The first season will start in October
      2007. The GOAL will be the first APBA league to mix players from
      different seasons. All the rules are available on the web site, but
      here is a quick overview. The first GOAL season will be every NHL
      players rookie season. The second GOAL season will be all the
      protected player's second NHL season. The GOAL will have a season
      disk for every NHL season by October 2007. A player's performance
      will change based on what season of his career is due to be used in
      the GOAL. Once a player has been out of the GOAL for three years
      (either cut or career had ended), he will go back into the yearly
      draft. This is a 32 team league, that currently has 31 GMs. Games
      will be simmed daily by the league.

      Season disks from 1917 to 1977 are available for download on the
      GOAL website. Feel free to checkout an old NHL season, so you can
      review the quality of our season disks. Where else will you be able
      to see Gretzky vs. Orr, Bossy vs. Sawchuk or Shore vs. Schultz.
      Please email me directly at Fotiu22Fan@... if you want to be a
      part of this unique league. We still need one GM, for the Chicago
      Black Hawks. Thanks for your time, Anthony.

      1st round
      1 NJR Orr, Bobby 1966
      2 LON Gretzky, Wayne 1978
      3 LVR Crosby, Sydney 2005-06
      4 OTT Lemieux Mario 1984
      5 DRW Doug Harvey 1947-1948
      6 MFS Raymond Bourque 1979-80
      7 SAO Sakic, Joe 1988
      8 VIC HOWE, Gordie 1946-47
      9 MIC Yzerman, Steve 1983-84
      10 DCN Bossy, Mike 1977
      11 GIM Bryan Trottier 1975
      12 SAS Messier, Mark 1978-79
      13 NYR Sawchuk, Terry 1949
      14 PIT Beliveau, Jean 1953
      15 HAM Plante, Jacques 1953
      16 LII Richard, Rocket 1943
      17 TOR Esposito, Phil 1963
      18 PEP Hawerchuk, Dale 1981
      19 BOS Shore, Eddie 1926
      20 EDM Lidstrom, Niklas 1991
      21 SLB Thompson, Tiny 1928
      22 OSH Lalonde, Newsy 1919
      23 CHI Dionne, Marcel 1971
      24 VAN Potvin, Denis 1973
      25 MON Robinson, Larry 1971
      26 KCS Selanne, Teemu 1992
      27 NMS Perreault, Gilbert 1970
      28 WIN Hasek, Domink 1990
      29 PHI Roy, Patrick 1985
      30 QUE Brodeur, Martin 1993
      31 COL Coffey, Paul 1980
      32 KLD Clarke, Bobby 1969
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