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Re: [hockeydisk] The G.O.A.L. has arrived

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  • Jeff Drought
    Hi Anthony, I thought I would just check to see how the status of the 1981-82 apba season disk is going? Were you able to finish it and if so, how is it
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 1, 2005
      Hi Anthony, I thought I would just check to see how the status of the 1981-82 apba season disk is going? Were you able to finish it and if so, how is it playing?

      Anthony Blanda <Fotiu22Fan@...> wrote:
           APBA Player's,
                Last month I sent out an email (copied below) looking for
      APBA player's who would like to be part of an All-time league. In
      just 3 weeks the league has grown to have 11 GMs (looking for 32)
      and 2 members (looking for 5) of the executive committee. Anyone who
      would like a copy of the rules or has questions about the league ,
      please email me directly at Fotiu22Fan@...
                We are still looking for season disks from 1927 to 1942,
      1945 to 1953, 1955, 1956, 1964, 1972 and 1973. If anyone has any
      season disks, please contact me. We will not be drafting until
      January 2007, a lot of time has been set aside to get the league set-
      up properly.                 Thanks Anthony

      --- In hockeydisk@yahoogroups.com, "Anthony Blanda"
      <Fotiu22Fan@c...> wrote:
      > To All APBA Player's,

      > I am currently looking to start a new APBA league that will use
      > player's from 1917 to the current season. I am hoping the league
      > will be able to hold a draft in 2007. The general concept of the
      > league would be, draft a player and use him from his first NHL
      > season until you release him or his career ends. Maybe allow 30
      > players to be drafted and 20 protected. The goal is to have 32
      > All the league rules will be developed when I see how many people
      > are interested in this type of league.
      > My name is Anthony Blanda, I have only played in two APBA leagues.
      > joined both from the beginning and help both commissioner's run
      > league's by serving on the executive committee. The GOHL is a 24
      > team league which has run from the 1998 season to now. The LHL is
      > 16 team league that started with the 1974 season and is currently
      > getting ready to start the 1981 season. I have also helped the
      > rating team for 4 years.
      > The biggest challenge facing this league would be creating quality
      > season disks. I have broken the seasons into groups and hope to
      > volunteers to work on creating disks in each era. Era 1) 1917-18
      > 1925-26, when the league averaged 4 teams per season. Era 2)1926-
      > to 1930-31, when the league averaged 10 teams per season. Era 3)
      > 1931-32 to 1941-42 when the league averaged 8 teams per season.
      > 4) 1942-43 to 1949-50, 6 team per seasons. Era5) 1950-51 to 1957-
      > 6 teams per season. Era 6) 1958-59 to 1965-66, 6 teams per season.
      > Era 7) 1967-68 to 1973-74, expansion years. Era 8) 1974-75 to 1985-
      > 86 (I will be completing these seasons with members of the LHL).
      > 9) 1987-88 to 1996 (someone review and make corrections to APBA
      > disks). Era 10) 1997-98 to 2003-04 (Get permission from disk team
      > use disks, maybe make some changes to penalty ratings). As season
      > disks are completed I would like to send them to a review team for
      > double checking and testing.
      > The second challenge of the league will be to either determine a
      > formula or simply adjust ratings so that player's from all year's
      > could play against each other without giving certain era's a big
      > advantage because of the style of play during certain time
      > The book "Total Hockey" second edition, page's 612 & 613 give some
      > information on adjusted scoring.
      > The third challenge will be for someone to build and maintain a
      > league web site and set-up an email list so we don`t keep using
      > the "Disk Team" email list. All the season disks will be on this
      > site, rules, standing's, GM list and some pictures from the NHL.
      > The fourth challenge will be for someone to either write a program
      > or manually create our league disk at the start of each season.  I
      > plan on using APHcomm for weekly files as most league's currently
      > The fifth challenge will be for someone to write schedules (78 to
      > games) for the new league and every NHL season so that testing can
      > be done.
      >  I am not very good with computers, programs and web site's, but I
      > am very organized and should be able to direct everyone so that no
      > effort is wasted.  With the current  NHL strike season now
      > all APBA player's, I thought this would be a good time to take
      > volunteers to work on getting this new league  up and running. I
      > look forward to hearing from anyone interested in either helping
      > build the league (12-16 people) or simply being a GM (16 to 20
      > people) once the league is ready to start drafting.
      > Thanks in Advance, Anthony (Fotiu22Fan@C...)

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