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New APBA Scheduler Program

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  • Jean-Henri Duteau
    While doing my monthly machine backup, I found my APBA Scheduler. Unfortunately, I don t have the code for this, so it s a take-it-as-you-get-it. But it
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2001
      While doing my monthly machine backup, I found my APBA
      Scheduler. Unfortunately, I don't have the code for this, so it's a
      take-it-as-you-get-it. But it works extremely well. The RHL has been
      using it for years now.

      It's a Windows executable. Download it from my website:


      Put it in the directory with your APBA files and then run it. You then
      assign games for each division until each division has the number of games
      you want them to play -- hopefully, the same for each division!

      It works by specifying the number of home games each team plays against
      out-of-conference opponents, in-conference opponents, and in-division
      opponents. To make things equal when you have non-equal divisions, you can
      then assign extra games within a division.

      Click on "Make Schedule" and it will give you a textual schedule to look
      over. If you like it, then click on "Save Schedule" and it will save a
      SCHEDULE.DAT and the text schedule in SCHEDULE.TXT.

      Good luck and hope it works without bugs for you as I can't fix it! 8-)


      Kudos to Brad Utterstrom who found a bug in my player loading routine. I
      had the real penalty data mixed up with the sim penalty data. If you
      downloaded the reporter.zip before 10:00pm Alberta time last night, you
      might want to re-download to get the fix. I also added some player
      rankings per Brad's suggestions for Hits, Blocked Shots, and Fighting Majors.
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