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853Re: [hockeydisk] Re: question for my fellow raters

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  • Jeff & Cheryl Kraus
    Aug 18, 2000
      I didn't rate Jagr, but I expect the reason he got a PHY 3
      was because he is so difficult to knock off the puck. Guys
      who get 1s and 2s get banged around a lot in APBA and lose
      the puck easily when confronted by a 4 or 5. That's not


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      From: Matt Dickendesher <mrdcool@...>
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      Sent: Friday, August 18, 2000 6:39 PM
      Subject: Re: [hockeydisk] Re: question for my fellow raters

      One more ratings question: Jagr is given a 3 Physical
      rating. I know the
      rating is not based solely on hits, but I'm just curious why
      he would rate
      even "average" in this category.

      Thanks for the comments Hank....


      At 10:01 PM 8/18/00 -0000, you wrote:
      >This was my take on the two players you mentioned Matt:
      >Like you, I had Moreau as a three. This was based on
      comments such as
      >"was impressive as the checking line left winger" "is
      >offensively but plays a smart positional game" "kills
      penalties well
      >and is strong along the boards" from Fan Forecaster and
      "big strong
      >physical left winger" "a gritty, hard-working corner man.
      >you along the boards" from Ultimate Hockey. He also had a
      >giveaway/takeaway ratio and showed some willingness to take
      the body
      >(158 hits).
      >There was not as much info available on St. Louis but what
      there was
      >indicated he was a decent defensive player, he had an
      >give/away takeaway ratio but didn't take the body much.
      Even if I
      >thought as St. Louis as a 3, the fact that he has yet to
      >himself and only played 56 games with many healthy
      scratches tells me
      >the Flames had better players. This knocked him from a 2.5
      or a 3 to
      >2 in my books.
      >The fact is, if we disagree with a rating, we're in the
      minority. It
      >doesn't mean the rating is right, it just means more people
      think it
      >is right.
      >You look like you do your homework, though. That's why I
      proposed the
      >scouting report--just as a means of sharing the comments
      you and I
      >mentioned here with everyone to help them with players they
      may not
      >as familiar with.
      >Herb Garbutt
      >Commissioner NNHL
      >--- In hockeydisk@egroups.com, Matt Dickendesher
      <mrdcool@g...> wrote:
      >> Once again, I would like to commend my fellow raters for
      a terrific
      >job. I
      >> do have a question about 2 players that I rated higher
      than the
      >> you, and I was hoping someone could give me a quick
      >> Martin St. Louis was given a 1 in defense. I believe I
      rated him at
      >> based primarily on a statement in THN about his strong
      >play. I
      >> guess I just curious about this one.
      >> Ethan Moreau was given a 2 defense. I rated him 3, I
      think. He was
      >on the
      >> checking line most of the season and THN stated that he
      "shuts down
      >> others." Once again, I'd just like someone with more
      insight on
      >Moreau to
      >> give me a better picture.
      >> Thanks alot!!!
      >> Matt

      Old school buds here:
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