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850Re: [hockeydisk] question for my fellow raters

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  • Michael & Christine Haley
    Aug 18, 2000
      Martin St Louis plays on my team in the CAN-AM league. As such I am
      classified as a "homer", but I also watched him play several games and I
      was not impressed with his defensive positioning. He worked hard, but was
      often out of position. I would have rated him a 2, but fully understand
      that he still lacks NHL experience. As much as I would have like to see
      him rated a 3 defensively, a 1 is not unrealistic.

      Now the "homer" part. Martin has a history of being a good scorer as
      displayed at every level of his development. He had some very good
      offensive games last season. I fully expect he will get more ice time and
      more top two line time this season. So his offensive production should
      increase. He will also improve his defensive positioning. That is if he
      wants to play he will.

      Still a decent prospect who will mature into a 20+ goal scorer and top out
      at 3 defensively in 2 years. You have to love that speed and that you
      cannot teach.

      Mike Haley
      Lake Placid Olympics
      CAN-AM Hockey League

      At 03:26 PM 8/18/2000 -0400, you wrote:
      >Once again, I would like to commend my fellow raters for a terrific job. I
      >do have a question about 2 players that I rated higher than the rest of
      >you, and I was hoping someone could give me a quick explanation.
      >Martin St. Louis was given a 1 in defense. I believe I rated him at 3,
      >based primarily on a statement in THN about his strong defensive play. I
      >guess I just curious about this one.
      >Ethan Moreau was given a 2 defense. I rated him 3, I think. He was on the
      >checking line most of the season and THN stated that he "shuts down
      >others." Once again, I'd just like someone with more insight on Moreau to
      >give me a better picture.
      >Thanks alot!!!
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