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  • tds
    Jan 14, 2000
      Can anyone tell me how the rookie rating has an affect in APBA?

      Tim Stewart
      SSHL Commissioner

      "D. A. Atkinson" wrote:

      mark wendling wrote:

      > Some of the differences I have noticed are:
      > 1) a heck of a lot more assists given out. We had a player hit the 100
      > assist mark for the first time in our league's history. The player was
      > Messier, and we run a 24 team league so that was an anomoly we figure.

      Yup. Low assist totals were a long time major complaint. Version 4 helps
      that, but doesn't fix it totally. Players that get alot of shots and assists
      come out very low (like Jagr).

      > 2) there is a scouting report, which is interesting


      > 3) there is a function I have not used to fill in spaces for lines if a team
      > doesnt have them

      Correct. Many people use Jeff Kraus' great APHComm program instead,
      but this was a deficiency in the game itself (ability to edit default lines
      of a game) that needed to be fixed.

      > 4) I think there is some new verbage for the games

      Not really...but some of the calcs have been changed to make the more
      obscure verbage show up a bit more.

      > Those were the noticable things we found in our league off the top of my
      > head....

      There were a number of bug fixes...many people won't notice, but some
      that were major headaches. For example, it should be nearly impossible
      to get a non-goalie jumping in goal during a game, a common occurance
      in version 3. Also, the text speed thing mentioned in my previous note
      was added.


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