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5173APBA disk

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  • D. Atkinson
    Jun 15, 2014
      Making progress on the disk. I have all the stats in, except for the
      split stats (multi-team players). This is a painful process that will
      take a couple weeks, as I hand cut and paste from the NHL.com stats
      pages. If anyone is adept at SQL stuff and can query and pull down what
      I need, I'd be grateful and it would save a couple weeks in the process.
      The voting site is going to close Monday, as we have more votes than we
      need (THANKS to all that voted) to get the ratings reconciled. I'll be
      importing those in the next week or so when Ken gets done running the
      ELO process on them.
      I hope to be testing by the first/second week in July. I'm going to
      expand the # of test seasons per set this year by a factor of 2.5. I'm
      running a pretty fast computer, and the tweaking/adjusting takes much
      longer than running a ton of seasons on auto (unlike the old days), so
      it's time to go to higher runs and get better statistics. I hope this
      results in a more accurate disk. Nice to have a full 82 game season to
      work with also...last year's short season made the disk a bit more
      variable than I'd like.
      My goal is to get the disk out well before the NHL season starts, say
      mid-Sept. Lots of crap can happen between now and then (like the
      legendary hard drive crash of 5 years ago, where I ended up buying a
      similar drive off ebay to scavenge the controller card to get the drive
      working again).
      I'll keep you all updated on how it's going as the summer progresses.
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