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516[hockeydisk] Re: questions....

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  • D. A. Atkinson
    Jan 2, 2000
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      > > >first I'd like to say it was permanently bouncing "thing" ;-)
      > When you go in the members list some of us has a message beside our
      > names that says "permanently bouncing".It happens if an e-mail is not
      > used anymore for example.But in many cases it happens even if the
      > e-mail is ok.(don't know why)So you gotta "reset" them and it will be
      > working again(for the ones that are still existing).If you don't reset
      > them we don't receive the messages anymore.That's a way e-groups use to
      > avoid sending messages over and over again to non-existant adresses.
      > To reset them you should see in the members section an option called
      > "bouncing".Go there and choose "reset all bouncing members".
      > Thanks.

      Ok, that one is fixed. Thanks for the tip.

      > The games are zipped so the strategy option isn't used.
      > That ain't helping me! :-)
      > Stephane

      Do check the differences in minutes played of top players
      between your league stats and your simulation stats. See
      if there is a big discrepancy between game times. That's
      a good first place to start. Let me know if there are major
      differences and perhaps the issue can begin to be resolved.

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