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5138Re: [hockeydisk] Injured player

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  • D. Atkinson
    Jan 26, 2014
      This is certainly a new one.
      IF you're running off a schedule and not starting games manually, it is possible that you have some legacy "rest days" in the schedule.dat file. You might want to go into the schedule editor and take a look.
      Is it just guys with large injuries, or do all injured players drop significantly. If you send me your schedule.dat file, I will take a look for anomalies.

      On 1/26/2014 6:36 AM, Jerry Howell wrote:

      Guys, I have a bug with an injured player...


      In our league injuries are turned off, but we manually injure guys that have reached their max games played.  One guy I've set to injured, 99 days, but after each sim, the injury either disappears or the number changes to something

      random...today it went from 99 to 27...any ideas?

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