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513[hockeydisk] Re: questions....

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  • D. A. Atkinson
    Jan 1, 2000

      > Can someone please resolve the permanently bouncing thin.Many of us are
      > in that situation with no problems with our e-mails.I think the manager
      > of the group should do that..Thanks

      I'm the manager of the group, and I'd like to help, but please tell me what the
      "permanently bouncing thin" is. I'm at a loss as to what I need to fix.

      > I've read the last mails and its interesting because I just got in my
      > hands the APBA disk from my comissionner because he doesn't seem to
      > know all about how that game works (hidden ratings etc.) and I wanna
      > understand.(no book)
      > So we need all the help we can get....
      > 1)When making the lines, does the F4,F5 and F6 lines really do
      > something? We don't use it.We just put anything there.

      F4 and F5 are the fourth and fifth lines. You don't need to use them, but
      they are there if you need them.
      F6 is just the line currently on the ice, and it changes many times during
      the game. No need to put anything there.

      > 2)In the bottom of the screen there's text that say: "skater *" what is
      > it for?

      You can highlight a skater with a *, designating him as the sixth attacker
      when you pull the goalie. It helps to designate 2 or 3, in case the one
      designated is already on the ice.

      > 3)I've made simulations with the same line-up for my team and the
      > others(I've taken our last files) and I always end up with really good
      > results.But in our real league nothing seems to work.Is there a pattern
      > or something that when we "reset" the stats everything changes that
      > much..it seems stupid but I can't understand how in 3 simulations(50-60
      > games each with equally home and visiting and against every team) I'm
      > on top and in our real league I'm last!!!With everything set the
      > same.....
      > First line Deadmarsh-Turgeon-Naslund in league are lousy with negatives
      > plus-minus.
      > In my simulations they're incredible! What can it be?

      In your league, are the games zipped or do the coaches play them. If the
      coaches play them, it is easy to shut down a stacked line by putting
      a good defense against them and playing good strategy.

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