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  • Bill Corfield
    Oct 5, 2013
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       Thanks once again for all the work you and the team put into these disks. The work of a few allow the many to have hours and hours of fun. We very much appreciate it. 

       I'm still unclear on how best to proceed for our upcoming season. We plan on playing an 82 game schedule. If I understood you correctly in prior emails, we can use the 48 game disk WITH NO PROBLEMS AT ALL, AS IS for our upcoming season. But in a recent email, you said if there was enough interest for an extrapolated disk, you'd put one together for those leagues that wanted a 82 game disk. 

      What's the difference/advantage/disadvantages of using the 48 game disk vs. the 82 game one? If you're running a full 82 game season/league, which would you want to use?

      Would you please answer in non scientific terms? Dumb it down for the average APBA guy, ok? 



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      I finalized the combined disk over the weekend, and it will be going
      into error check tonight. Hope to release by the end of the week, if
      there aren't too many issues with it.
      Question: there seems to be a lot of questions surrounding a disk
      projected out to 82 games, for leagues that want to play a full season.
      I believe I can make one of those fairly easily next weekend, if there
      is enough demand. If your league would like a projected disk, let me
      know (league name) and if there are enough requests, I'll make one after
      I release the standard one. None of the ratings (like SKT/SPD/PAS) will
      change, only the stats based numbers on the disk will be extrapolated to
      82 games.
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