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5094disk update

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  • D. Atkinson
    Sep 3 6:25 AM
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      Just a quick update.....testing is rolling along quite well. It has been
      a challenging year with the short season. Much more variability in the
      test numbers. Larger sample sizes (more games) makes the statistics
      cleaner and the numbers converge easier....not true this year. Good to
      know that the new CBA will keep us from going through this again for the
      next 8 years. We'll do what we can to get the disk to converge to
      reasonable numbers, then do the final updating before release.
      Release date is still TBD, depending on test results, but it will get
      out before the NHL season starts. I was hoping to get it out earlier
      this year, with the voting system helping get ratings faster, but the
      short season variability has used up that extra time with extra test runs.

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