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  • Jeff
    Mar 18, 2013
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      Although its been a few years since I really played that much of APBA Hockey, I have been playing it quite a bit lately and remembering just how much I enjoyed it. I remembered way back when I bought it originally from Jim Connell before Apba got it. Anyway I have noticed your name quite a bit in this forum and never realized that you were the programmer until I just re-read the version 4.0 programmer notes. I never knew of or at least did not recall the "A" option for auto-playing games until just reading it again. With the recent Olympic Season I just uploaded I wanted to run a few season zips to see what the stats would be. I hated however that after a season none of my line combinations were left intact. So I made a copy of that folder and then just replaced it after checking the stats. After seeing the line combinations either gone or nearly erased due to the computer making changes, I got to wondering how accurate the zip season result could be. That is not to say that my line combinations are the most brilliant but I did notice one player that raised a concern. Peter Forsberg is selected as a 1st line player for Sweden and yet the season end stats had him averaging no more than 10 minutes a game. I think I will go in and manually change the "C" to "A" and remove injuries and see what happens.

      I had found this email that I sent a couple years ago and noticed you guys didn't really know how to do an international disk because of not knowing to to use as stats. If you downloaded my season, you will see that I simply used the 2001-02 season stats for most of the players and then filled in with other seasons for players not represented in 2002. It was not my intention to try and reproduce the 2002 Olympics but rather a "what if" approach.

      A reason I am reaching out to you tonight is to ask a couple questions. With you and all the other guys who work so hard to reproduce each season and the fact that you were a programmer for the game, why hasn't the game had an upgrade, especially to windows? Is it a copyright issue? Incidentally, were you also involved with the Apba Comm and Utility addons (move bus, etc)? Those are brilliant and really made what I was able to do quite easy.

      Thanks again,
      Jeff Drought

      From: D. Atkinson <boomhound@...>
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      Sent: Friday, April 8, 2011 8:16 PM
      Subject: Re: [hockeydisk] 2010 Olympics

      The team doesn't know enough about many of the teams' personnel to make decent judgements, plus we're not sure what to use for stats.

      Jeff wrote:
      Did you guys create a disk for the 2010 Olympics? For that matter, did you also do 2006 and 2002? The last olympic disk I got was 1998 and it just had 8 teams. Would appreciate any of these disks if available.

      Thank you,

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