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5006Re: [hockeydisk] Action PC Hockey, best sim out now

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  • Jeff
    Feb 17, 2013
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      I would agree. APC game leaves a lot to be desired. I dislike the scrolling ice especially when it falls behind the play by play. You see your team visually on ice at the offensive end of the rink and the play by play describes a shot on your goalie at the opposite end. If the game cannot simulate real time movement which I doubt it ever can, it should not have the scrolling. This is also something wasted with APC basketball game which also does not do things in real time. It works for baseball and football because each play starts and ends. Basketball and hockey is continuous and APC does neither one well. Both games attempt to do more stuff when they would be better served to just do what is needed, well. Both games should have the players placed on the icecourt in traditional formation and then the have the rolling text describe the play. Besides, it is impossible to watch the action on the scrolling ice and read the text at the same time. Unless you can train one eye to look at each one LOL

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      Brad- I'm not keen on this game, I like having the crests and colors, I like the ice surface especially and the players on the ice, but I can actually "watch" a game on APBA and it's pretty exciting, whereas the play by play "window" is so miniscule and it runs SO slow when you can actually read it (or it just blinks when running fast) that I never get excited playing it. The play by play is totally generic unless you're willing to write it all yourself, which I'm not going to bother doing. I still haven't run a game changing lines, as it takes WAY too long- whereas I can "play" a game on APBA making changes reasonably fast. Action only runs a game in a reasonable amount of time by running it so fast there's no play by play, so you watch the names going up and down and the shots on goal, but that's it. I like the fact that someone created the 1931-32 season and that's the one I'm playing, and I like seeing the names from the sixties but haven't played a season there yet. For me there's still nothing better than APBA. What would actually be great is if the EA kind of games were statistically accurate (and had vintage seasons) and you could coach the games and then watch what happens. But the EA games are basically crap.  

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      Subject: [hockeydisk] Action PC Hockey, best sim out now


      If you haven't checked out this game yet, you want to. I haven't totally converted from APBA to Action just yet, but I'm using both.

      Good, easy to use, tons of stat reports, good ratings cover all important categories, tons of season disks available. The 2012 version included BRAWLS (simultaneous fights...usually 2 but on very rare occasions I've seen 3 or 4 fights at once) and a much improved system for doling out penalties and fights. It's a lot simpler to get the fight ratings/results accurate than it is in APBA.

      Probably the biggest PRO is that this game is updated every year with new features, and has a couple patches a year as well. AND Dave the programmer is quite receptive to feedback, several of the features I suggested were put into the 2012 version.

      CONS: By far the biggest CON is that the game and season disks are not free. But they offer a 30 day full refund, so I recommend if you have any interest, at least checking it out for a month before deciding. Also, they often run big sales, sometimes up to 50% off all season disks (disks run $10-$20 full price, depending on how many teams are on the disk). You can always start with the basic game and pick a disk or two to start, and then wait for a sale to load up on whatever.

      A few random seasons have not been created yet, seems like there's 2 or 3 seasons in every decade that haven't yet been created.

      I can't speak to how easy or difficult it is to run an online league using APH, but it's something I want to look into. I'd like to try it with my 50's Original 6 league at some point.

      I know all of you APBA nuts are still playing APBA because nothing better has come out yet...well in my opinion, something better IS out now, and it keeps improving. I'd give it a look at the very least.

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