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  • rpansini
    Feb 4, 2013
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      Bill - I have never encountered that problem.  It is hard to enforce, even in real life situations.  There are plenty of pro teams that sandbag at the end of the season or even during the season.  Especially in these types of leagues when you know who is available in the draft and know his professional future.
      If you ever question my lineup please let me know.  I do this for fun and enjoy setting lines and putting the best team forward win or lose.  Sometimes I draft for the future but I think that is acceptable.
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      From: Bill Corfield
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      Subject: [hockeydisk] Question for other Commissioners...

      Hi gang, 

       Curious what, if anything, other leagues have in place regarding the issue of competition quality. This involves mostly teams setting lines that don't utilize their better players. 

       Setting lines is a pretty subjective thing, but at some point if you notice a team has benched several of its better players, and injuries aren't a concern, it catches your eye, you know?

       I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who have addressed this issue or even some suggestions for how to address within a set of rules. 


      Bill Corfield
      CCHL, LHL, WHA


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