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  • Herb Garbutt
    Jun 2, 2011

      So in terms of where we are in the ratings process. Right now we have a basic test set. It’s essentially last year’s ratings, or in some cases the player’s ratings the last time he appeared on the disk. I’ve rated the rookies based on scouting report information I could find on the players from a variety of sources (hockey annuals—McKeen’s & Sports Forecaster; websites – Fantasy Sports Services & Hockey’s Future; magazines – The Hockey News, particularly its Future Watch issue, which was very helpful for the rookies) plus a statistical analysis.


      It took me a little longer than I anticipated to do this….6 weeks instead of the 3-4 I thought it would take. There were a lot of first-time players on the disk this year…..more than 100, or one in every eight players on the disk.


      Now what I need reviewers to do is to look at this set and review it for necessary changes. While the majority of ratings don’t change a lot from year to year, there are improving young players, declining veterans, players who have had breakthrough years, or simply ratings that you feel were not accurate last year.


      We’re going to do something a little different this year. Any changes you suggest, we’d like them done to a tenth of a point, based on how strongly you feel about the change. If you’re torn between a 2 and 3, give him a 2.5. If you feel he’s closer to a 2 but he’s better than another guy who is a 2, give him a 2.2.  


      This will assist us when it comes time to make adjustments. If we feel that decreasing one rating will help bring a team in line, then we will change the 2.2 instead of the 2.3, and not have to go back to the raters to ask, between player A and player B…….


      The aim is to have this process done in about 3 weeks, though even by the end of the month would have us way ahead of schedule from last year. But Dave is now at the point that he needs a ratings set to move forward so obviously, the quicker we finish, the quicker he gets started. That said, take your time and have a good look at them. The better the job we do now will make things easier down the road.





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