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  • Joe Sutherland
    May 13, 2011
      Great news Dave and Herb!  If there's anything I can do to lend a helping hand, simply point and say "go"!

      To: hockeydisk@yahoogroups.com
      From: herbgarbutt@...
      Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 23:14:27 -0400
      Subject: [hockeydisk] ratings progress


      Hey everyone,


      I’m going to try to keep everyone updated as much as I can on the ratings end. So here’s where things stand right now.


      I’ve put together the list of players that will appear on the disk. The basic rule is 10 games for skaters, 6 games for goalies. 10 was chosen for skaters because junior eligible players are allowed to play up to 9 games before teams must either return them to junior or keep them with the team. (Niederreiter, NYI, was returned after 9; B.Schenn, LA, was returned after 8). If this is when teams have to decide when if they are legit NHLers, then it seems like a good way for us to determine legit NHLers too.


      This gave us 743 skaters (24.8 per team) and 70 goalies (2.3 per team). The goalies seemed unusually low but looking back to last season, there were only 68 goalies on the disk. There were no goalies who played 5 this year so that made the 6-game cutoff really easy. Adding any more would mean dropping down to 4 games played. Two of the three goalies, Mike Brodeur (Ott) and Mikko Koistinen (NYI) with 4 games, come from teams who already have four goalies (five if you count multi-team players), so it makes even less sense to add them.


      Of course, every year there are exceptions for players under the cutoff. For the reasons above, there were no goalies added. For skaters, nine players have been added. For exceptions, I try to lean toward veteran players with a lot of games under their belt, simply because they are easier to rate than some guy who’s only played 9 NHL games. Here are the exceptions (there are 9 of them) and how they qualify:


      Any player with 9 games who has played 10 or more games in any previous season (3):

      Nathan Oystrick (StL); Rick Rypien (Van); Frazer McLaren (SJ).


      Any player with 8 games who has been on two or more previous disks: (3):

      Alexander Giroux (Edm); Mike Zigomanis (Tor); Dave Scatchard (StL).


      Any player with 7 games who has been on four or more previous disks (1):

      Andrei Markov (Mon).


      Ensuring every team had at least 24 skaters, 15 forwards and 8 defencemen, including multi-team players (2):

      Tomas Tatar, 9 games (Det), Doug Janik, 7 games (Det).


      So with the list complete, I’ve created a base to start from. Essentially, I’ve filled in every player’s ratings from the last time they appeared on a disk. I will now go through and rate the 100 or so players who have never appeared on a disk before to come up with a complete ratings set. This is what I will send out to the raters, asking for their suggestions for changes.


      I’m guessing the rookies are going to take a minimum of three-four weeks to rate them as I have to put scouting reports together on all of them. I’m just starting that process tonight.


      So that’s where we are.



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