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4718Re: [hockeydisk] An Idea

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  • D. Atkinson
    Apr 8, 2011
      Thanks for the thanks Jeff. However, the perceptions on timing are not quite correct. The disk project has already started. Position information is being collated already, and the day the season ends, the stats are collected from various sources and input. There is a lot of number crunching that takes place, as well as manual labor...for example, all 17000 or so penalties called during an NHL season are manually classified into either coincidental or non-coincidental to build the COIN rating. All of the prep takes many hours of behind the scenes work that isn't obvious during May and June. With regard to the review team, Herb had a hard drive crash last year and was super busy with non-hockey things the year before, and I had a hard drive crash the year before that, all of these things cost us a month or two and slowed things down. I expect this year's disk to come out before Sept 1 this year. I am bringing on some "leadership" to the team this year (I'll get into this in more detail in a follow-on note) that I believe will accelerate the process, since I've been much of the slow down problem the past few years due to free time limitations.


      Jeff wrote:

      First off, thanks to Dave and the "disk team" for all the work they do every year. If it weren't for you guys, my sim hockey league would probably have ceased to exist.

      Now for my suggestion. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the work on the disk usually begins after the Stanley Cup Finals end in June. In most cases, the new disk is then released sometime in mid-October.

      Would it be possible to start the disk at the end (or shortly after) of the regular season instead? This way, the team would have an extra 2 months to get in the ratings, test them, tweak them, retest them etc. One possibility would be to take one extra month to do the work and then release the disk in mid-to-late September, before the new NHL season begins.

      I don't mean this to sound ungrateful. The work you've done and continue to do is amazing. I just figured that since the APBA ratings are based only on the stats from the regular season and not the playoffs, there's no need to wait until mid-June to start working on at least the first phase of the disk project.

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