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  • mark wendling
    Nov 10, 1999
      Well our season is into its 36th day, and had well over 100 games played,
      and we sure havent had any noticeable problems. The OT problem sounds like
      it might be within your settings. You need to ensure that you have the
      Sudden Death toggled as on, and not continued as tied.

      Its hard to say on the minutes, I have seen stuff like this in previous
      years, so I dont think it would be isolated to this situation.

      As for players individual stats, there are always questions that dont make
      sense, and we usually chalk it up to "chemistry". Some guys over perform and
      some guys under perform, its hard to say without knowing who an individual
      plays with. For example I have Jagr and Selanne in one league, with Modano
      as a center and neither guy seems to do as much as I would think they would

      Hope this helps, if not oh well

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      >Subject: [hockeydisk] Questions
      >Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 06:33:12 -0800
      >Everybody on vacation? *lol*
      >We've just started our season with the disk (12 games played) and we
      >have the latest version of APBA.I'd like to know is other league has
      >encounter the same problems that we have.
      >1)Overtime: We 've had games ending 6-3 in overtime having 3 goals in
      >the fourth period! It seems the disk plays all the 4th period...
      >2)Ice time: We've had players playing on the same line regular play and
      >power play, same penalty minutes,same game fatigue ending with 2
      >players with 18 minutes played and one with 7 minutes!!!
      >3)Many stats seems wrong.Bad players with too good statistics.Other not
      >scoring.Example:Deadmarsh one point in 12 games playing 2nd line and
      >also on PP.Many it's early to evaluate that...
      >and....so on.....
      >Are we the only league with such problems?
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