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464[hockeydisk] Re: for Eric

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  • Brett Hall
    Sep 5, 1999
      > It's not an error, it was changed on purpose. Hatcher barely played at LD
      > last year, and was consistently rated RD only in the past. In the past,
      > he would not have received an LD rating at all. What we did this year is
      > give those guys a rating at the lesser position, but with decreased
      > effectiveness (lower Sh, lower Def). That's also why you'll see some guys
      > rated at a position but with a Def=0, like Mogilny at center.

      However, I did notice there was one player who wound up with a
      SOG+ rating of 2 (the minimum is 3) because of this. I'm not sure
      if that was intended or not.


      St. Louis Mustangs (GHMHL)
      St. Louis Sting (WWAHL)
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