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4525gross misconducts

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  • bradutterstrom
    Feb 4, 2010
      So this is a weird one...with ALL of my season disks (dating back to the NHL 50's disks) I've always added a gross misconduct rating for some of the guys who had a rep to fight dirty. For instance, take Schultz in the 70's, I'd give him a 222 (which is the highest gross misconduct rating possible) and he might get 1 or 2 gross misconducts over the whole season.

      So for most guys who fight at all, I'll give them a 1 just to represent that slimmest possibility that a gross misconduct COULD happen. It was almost unheard of to see someone get a gross misconduct on the more recent disks from the 2000's because I only rated everyone a 1.

      Now, I'm working with the 0809 project disk, and I threw in a 1 gross misconduct rating for anyone who fights maybe 5 times or more a season. And all of a sudden there are tons of guys getting multiple gross misconducts, while only rated a 1! I'm even seeing guys picking up 5 or more while only rated a 1!

      Does anyone have any clue what could be going on here? So far as I can tell, this is no different than I've done with all the other project disks, but gross misconducts almost never happened on those disks.
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