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4406Re: [hockeydisk] Committees for 08-09 disk

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  • Dr Majcher
    Apr 8, 2009
      I don't know if there is an absolutely ideal way to come up with the ratings
      each year. Let's give this new method a chance and see if it's better than
      how things went last year. As Herb said, it will eliminate the problem of
      having to wait on getting all the ratings in for testing to begin.

      One thing that could be a problem is that some of the committees could
      see that the ratings are "done" and may not want to be bothered with
      going through them to do any tweaking to them. Last year, some committees
      just went along with all of Herb's suggested changes. I'm hopeful that this
      won't happen but realistic enough to think some committees will take that

      As for the perception that Herb got his way on all the ties, there's perception
      and then there's reality (often times the line gets blurred between these two).
      I believe the reality is that the extensive disk testing is what eventually
      ends up determining if some ratings need to be adjusted before the rating
      is made final.

      I hope everyone remains open minded about this process and particates in
      tweaking/adjusting, within the commitees, the ratings that Herb will supply to
      us. As Herb said he's no expert on every single NHL players skills. However,
      I found Herb to be very thoughful & knowledgeable in the ratings suggestions
      he made to our commitee last season. He backed up his suggestions with stats like HITS per MIN and didn't force any changes on us. That along with all the tremendous work he's doing in putting together a set of ratings for each team gives us a great start on what should hopefully be another great disk. 

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