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4400Re: [hockeydisk] Committees for 08-09 disk

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  • Andy Bartalone
    Apr 7, 2009
      Bill and anyone else that may have this concern.

      > ? There was an impression amongst some in the apba community last time
      where "Herb won all ties." That is, in the vast majority of cases
      where a ratings team or representative disagreed with you on a
      rating, your ratings usually prevailed. I understand the impossible
      nature of trying to please everyone and still generate an accurate

      I worked with Herb on 7 teams last season and I did not see anything like
      *Herb won all ties*. We had an honest discourse on each and every one came
      to decisions based on a multitude of things, but it was definitely NOT
      *Herb won all ties*, I actually think that it was about 60/40 in my favor.

      Just saying.
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