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4394Committees for 08-09 disk

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  • Dr Majcher
    Apr 6, 2009
      Currently 176 games into a '07-'08 Replay using the actual dressed lineups for
      each NHL team and I have to say last year's disk was extremely well done.
      Scores, penalties called, etc. are very realistic. Only noticed a few tweaks
      here and there that could be made to the disk. Considering the number of
      players on the disk, it's a testament to the great work Dave, Herb & the
      committees put into the disk.

      With a week remaining in the '08-'09 NHL schedule, I'm wondering if the
      committees for each team are ready to begin the rating process starting
      next week. That was our one fault last year, in not having the committees 
      in place and active right after the NHL season ended. Hopefully, that won't be
      the case this year and we'll produce another fantastic disk in a more
      timely manner.

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