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3523NHL 2005-2006 Stats

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  • Derrick Underwood
    Apr 26 10:47 PM
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      I have the spreadsheet uploaded to my site:
      or you can find it via the link in the download section of the welcome page:
      There are some missing profile data (date of birth, country of origin, etc on some goaltenders, but I don't have time to fix that for a couple of weeks...)

      From: hockeydisk@yahoogroups.com [mailto:hockeydisk@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Brian Senecal
      Sent: April 21, 2006 11:51 PM
      To: hockeydisk@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [hockeydisk] Jeff Kraus

      Hey guys…I am trying to get a hold of Jeff Kraus…I tried othl@... but it got returned…does anyone have a current address?


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