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3484Re: autoroster creating boxscores

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  • Brad Utterstrom
    Mar 4, 2006
      Has anyone thought more about this? I think it would be a really
      helpful tool if we could get a schedule that can do autoroster and
      save to gamefile, especially for replays and for disk
      creation/modification (sim testing).

      I'm working on a huge project which is that I would like
      to 'recreate" the past 30 years + of the NHL. I can do it by
      monitoring each team's lineup, but that increases the time it takes
      by probably 10x or more. I would REALLY love to be able to use
      autoroster and not have to monitor each team's lineup...not only
      would it be more accurate in terms of getting each player the right
      amount of GP/ice time, but it would cut out hundreds of hours from
      the project. Without it, I'll probably never finish.

      So even though I haven't had any luck yet, I'm not giving up on
      finding someone capable of doing this...and I don't think I'm the
      only one who would like to see this done, either...though as dead as
      it's been around here lately, I don't know how many people will
      chime in. Anyway, I'm getting desperate, so I'm still keeping my
      fingers crossed...somebody step up, please!

      --- In hockeydisk@yahoogroups.com, "Brad Utterstrom" <apbaahl@...>
      > I think Dave Atkinson was the one who created the 'autoroster'
      > thing, right? Would it be possible to just create a new one, maybe
      > signified with a G (for gamefile) instead of an A (for
      > where if you put all G's into the schedule, it does autoroster and
      > saves to gamefile?
      > I'm just brainstorming here. I really want to see something done
      > with this but I know there are only a couple people out there with
      > the programming capabilities to do something like this.-Brad
      > --- In hockeydisk@yahoogroups.com, Joe Sweeney <makojo@m...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Brad asked:
      > >
      > > >How long would it take to do something like that? I started
      > dabbling
      > > >in programming many years ago and that's something I wish I
      > have
      > > >stuck with, so I could figure out stuff like this on my own. I
      > always
      > > >have ideas for utilities and stuff, so I always end up working
      > with
      > > >different programmers on ideas for different games.-Brad
      > > >
      > > >
      > > Hard to say without doing some research. If the values
      > need
      > > to go into the file are only stored in memory by the program,
      > you'd
      > > have to determine how to access them. That may be possible, but
      > it
      > > would depend how the program is storing them. And memory
      > can be
      > > anywhere in RAM so it's not nearly as straightforward as finding
      > them in
      > > a disk file. The data location is the key. The programming
      > that
      > > is isn't as difficult.
      > > Re programming, you might want to try picking up a copy of
      > Visual
      > > Basic Learning Edition and playing around with it. VB is pretty
      > easy to
      > > pick up if you think logically and it might be fun to create
      > own
      > > programs.
      > > Joe
      > >
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