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2789Re: [hockeydisk] positions

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  • D. Atkinson
    Mar 20, 2004
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      D. Atkinson wrote:

      >Those thinking about compiling Hockey News positions for the disk
      >you need to have a subscription or access to the Hockey News back
      >issues. Every week they publish line combinations. One has to go
      >through, issue by issue, and tabulate the position that every player is
      >listed in each week. I prefer that this is done in a spreadsheet. Here
      >is what the output should look like:
      > LW
      > C
      > RW
      > LD
      > RD
      > 8
      > 4
      > 13
      > 0
      > 0

      Sorry, it doesn't look like the little table I build came out correctly.
      It should be more horizontal:

      player LW C RW LD RD
      Deadmarsh 8 4 13 0 0
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