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2280Am I missing something?

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  • Bruce Carriker
    Aug 2, 2003
      I was recently offered Frantisek Kaberle for Keith
      Primeau? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Kaberle is
      undersized, plays for a lousy team, and gets lots of
      ice time BECAUSE they're a lousy team. He's like Tim
      Sweeney...if Atlanta ever gets good, it'll be because
      guys like Kaberle don't play there anymore, but right
      now SOMEONE has to play there.

      Primeau, even at 20 goals, still adds something to a
      team. He plays twenty minutes a game, he's a rock,
      he's a physical/intimidation 4 or 5. He'll be at
      least a defense 3, sometimes a 4. He's a FO-3 or -4.

      Am I missing something somewhere? Has this
      league/game passed me by? Am I just overly attached
      to my players, thus over-valuing them? Every year it
      gets tougher and tougher to trade. Is that just me,
      or is it the league?

      We've been at this ten years now, you know. We
      created a good league. We put a lot of thought into
      the rules, and we haven't had to change much. We've
      had six different champions, and I think we'll get a
      new one this year, won't we? We did it right. But,
      do you ever think that maybe it's time to do something
      else for the next ten years?

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