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2257Re: [hockeydisk] positions

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  • Eymond Toupin
    Jul 15, 2003
      Yes a big thanks to Luc.

      BTW, Luc would probably not enjoy the wobbly pop but
      he if you get a chance, maybe send him a tin of butter
      cookies. (That's a bit of an inside joke)

      Eymond Toupin - GM Los Angeles Thunder, NAHA

      --- "D. Atkinson" <bigdog@...> wrote: > Ok, I've
      attached the official positions list for
      > this season. As always, a
      > player is rated at all positions listed, with
      > listings in lower case meaning
      > that the player will be downgraded when playing that
      > position.
      > Acknowledgements for the positions: first and
      > foremost to Luc Labelle for his
      > work in compiling the positions from THN over the
      > whole year. This is a long,
      > difficult and boring task, and Luc essentially had
      > it done before I could ask
      > him to do it. Everyone needs to buy Luc a Labatts or
      > two if they see him.
      > Second, I'd like to thank Bob Peck for posting team
      > lines to the internet. Bob
      > is not in this group, but I'd like you all to know
      > what he does for the
      > internet community gave us a second source for our
      > data (after THN). Finally,
      > thanks to Jeff Kraus for distilling down the rough
      > position data I sent him,
      > and getting it into the disk format. He has to spend
      > alot time comparing the
      > results from both sources on all players, and making
      > decisions when the
      > sources don't match (like consulting new sources and
      > checking last year's
      > data).
      > Dave

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