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2225Re: [hockeydisk] Gamefile.dat during auto schedule

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  • D. Atkinson
    Jun 1, 2003
      jeanden44 wrote:

      > I've been wondering about this for some time now. I've re-read the
      > instruction manual and can't find an answer to this question: When
      > you play games on the automatic scheduler (option 9 on main menu), no
      > gamefile.dat is created or prompted. Therefore individual game
      > summaries can't be viewed with Box Pro. Is there any way of creating
      > a gamefile.dat when I play with auto schedule? It would make playing
      > games so much easier if I could just play off a schedule instead of
      > entering each game as I play them. But I want a gamefile.dat for
      > obvious reasons. Or am I out of luck?

      Right now, you're out of luck. I put in the autoscheduler, mainly, to run tests
      on entire seasons
      for things like creating new disks. The problem with writing to the gamefile.dat
      it that a full NHL
      season would create a gamefile that is something like 25 MB. In the last few
      years, hard drives
      have gotten big and very cheap. But, when version 4 was originally planned and
      worked (1997),
      25 MB would have stressed alot of hard drives for space. This feature can be
      added at
      some point if need be............

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