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19[hockeydisk] Re: Faceoff rating

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  • D. A. Atkinson
    Jul 5, 1999
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      Brett Hall wrote:

      > If a guy like Messier (yeah, I like the guy, so I use him as an
      > example a lot) looks like he's teetering between a 3 or 4 'D' rating,
      > more often than not he'll keep the 4.

      One quick note on what Brett says here.......Messier plays more
      shorthanded minutes per game than any other forward. He
      would get the bump up in DEF rating in that benefit of the doubt.
      This is an example of how to use stats carefully for subjective
      ratings. We took the review comments from many reviewers,
      and then put such reality checks on the ratings. If Messier
      came up between 3 and 3.5, we would bump him up to a 4
      based on this fact.



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