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  • bkd61@juno.com
    Aug 1, 2001
      Since starting this topic, I feel I have opened up a can of worms. I
      can tell the current simulation is fine with most of you. To me a
      newcomer to it and the sport of hockey, it is not.

      Why I posted is because of the limited DOS capabilities that WINDOWS
      has in it after every release. Now after reading up on it, DOS will
      not be in the next WINDOWS release. Does anyone care about this?

      DOS Games are dying left and right whether we want to admit it or
      not. Those game companies that still produce DOS sports games know it
      and are scrambling to convert there sims to WINDOWS interfaces. Not
      one of them want to lose a $. That ought to tell you something about
      the life expectancy of DOS.

      Now you have three choices in my opinion.

      1. Keep using the game as is and everyone keep WINDOWS ME or 98
      or 95 so they can still utilize the game with no future for
      ever catching up with the FHL Simulator.

      2. Research and find out about who has the rights and the costs of
      upgrading the game. Its obvious noone has so we dont really know
      what the costs will be.

      3. Say goodby to APBA Hockey forever and switch to the competitor be
      it FHL or some other sim.

      All the nice add utilities that have been mentioned in the posts
      would be nice. But to me that is window dressing and takes away from
      the obvious potential this game could have if it was upgraded.

      We all need to wake up and see that this sim will die a horrible
      death if we as gamers dont do something about it. Contact the
      original programmer, get his thoughts on this, buy the code from him,
      Talk to APBA and see if anything legal could happen if the game was
      changed by other programmers.

      Again I am a rookie to the sim and the sport of hockey. I just want
      the best possible sim to run a hockey league and right now APBA
      Hockey is not it.

      Its just like buying a new car. You find the options you like the
      most for the best price possible.

      Now thats my two cents on all of this.

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