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  • Rod sent a message asking about the lack of a 2013-14. I thought I approved the message, but I'm not seeing it posted for some reason (and for that matter, I thought I already had Rod set as "unmoderated"). Anyway, to answer the question, no, the update has not been posted yet. I've been delayed for a variety of reasons - vacation, work travel, spending my free time catching up on...
    dreynolds@... Jul 31, 2014
  • No, I only distribute CSV. Doug
    dreynolds@... Feb 26, 2014
  • I think the Hockey Summary Project ( https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/hockey_summary_project/info ) is probably what you're looking for. Doug
    dreynolds@... Feb 15, 2014
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  • I just uploaded a revised version of ScoringShootout.csv to the files section. The data in the shots and goals fields (fields 5 and 6) had been reversed for the 2011-12 season. Doug
    dreynolds@... Feb 15, 2014
  • No, you didn't miss it; it's not there. I don't have any "easy" way to add it though - unless someone already has some kind of database with ATOI, somebody would have to type it in. Doug --- In hockey-databank@^$1, "leo_kahane" wrote: > > Hi All, > > Just joined the group, very impressive hdb. One measure I don't see (unless I missed it) is time on ice. Does anyone know if there is...
    dsreyn Jul 4, 2013
  • What happened is that there were a couple of players who made their NHL debut in the playoffs, and I inadvertently assigned their stats to someone else. The following two lines should be added to Master.csv: allenja01,,,Jake,Allen,,,,74,190,,,,allenja01,2011,2011,,,G,1990,8,7,,,,,,,,, stonema01,,,Mark,Stone,,,,74,188,,,,stonema01,2011,2011,,,R,1992,5,13,,,,,,,,, The two lines you...
    dsreyn Jul 18, 2012
  • I inadvertently omitted the entry for Jim Devellano (2010 Hall of Fame inductee, builder category) in Master.csv, so I have made a minor update. The file is still hdb-2012-06-23.zip, but it has been updated since yesterday. Doug
    dsreyn Jun 24, 2012
  • The 2011-12 update is now available. There are a couple of new files: - Paul Reeths contributed a Hall of Fame table, HOF.csv (the fields are described in the readme.txt file). - Also from Paul, a new version of the Coaches table. The change is that losses and overtime losses have been separated for the seasons from 1999-00 through 2003-04. For now, the old version of the table is...
    dsreyn Jun 23, 2012
  • Not yet, no. Doug --- In hockey-databank@^$1, Rod Nelson wrote: > > Hello, > > I noticed that the 2011 master.csv file in hdb-2011-06-26.zip does not have > full names and biodata for 150 2010-11 rookies, like Luke Adam. Has there > been an update? > > > -- > *Rod Nelson* >
    dsreyn Nov 6, 2011
  • Well, I'm not sure what went wrong the last time, but thanks for pointing that out. I just uploaded the correct (updated for 2010-11) file. Doug --- In hockey-databank@^$1, "forever1940" wrote: > > It does not appear like the 2010-11 hat tricks are included in this list. Can this be fixed? > > --- In hockey-databank@^$2, hockey-databank@^$3 wrote: > > > > > > Hello, > > > > This...
    dsreyn Sep 9, 2011