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    Below is the csv file. It contains scoresheet data and official data. There are no official scoresheets for the following Quaker s games: 9-Dec-30 (Quakers
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2007
      Below is the csv file.

      It contains "scoresheet data" and official data. There are no
      official scoresheets for the following Quaker's games:

      9-Dec-30 (Quakers' 11th game)
      17-Mar-31 (Quakers' 43rd game)

      Those stats are based on newspapers.

      One noteworthy point was the Aubrey Webster was given one official
      game-played, but according to the NHL official scoresheets, he
      dressed but did not play in the Quaker's first two games.

      Here's the data:

      Al Shields,43,7,4,11,100,,43,7,3,10,98
      Aubrey Webster,0,0,0,0,0,,1,0,0,0,0
      Bill Hutton,22,1,0,1,2,,21,1,1,2,4
      Cliff Barton,44,5,7,12,21,,43,6,7,13,18
      D'Arcy Coulson,28,0,0,0,103,,28,0,0,0,103
      Eddie McCalmon,18,3,0,3,8,,16,3,0,3,6
      Gerry Lowrey,42,11,14,25,23,,42,13,14,27,27
      Gord Fraser,5,0,0,0,22,,5,0,0,0,22
      Harold Darragh,10,1,1,2,4,,10,1,1,2,2
      Herb Drury,25,0,3,3,10,,24,0,2,2,10
      Hib Milks,44,18,6,24,43,,44,17,6,23,42
      Jake Forbes,2,0,0,0,0,,2,0,0,0,0
      Jim 'Bud' Jarvis,44,5,7,12,34,,43,5,7,12,30
      Joe Miller,15,0,0,0,0,,12,0,0,0,0
      Johnny McKinnon,38,1,1,2,46,,39,1,1,2,46
      Rennison Manners,4,0,0,0,0,,4,0,0,0,0
      Rodger Smith,11,0,0,0,11,,9,0,0,0,0
      Ron 'Peaches' Lyons,22,3,3,6,11,,22,2,4,6,8
      Stan Crossett,22,0,0,0,10,,21,0,0,0,10
      Syd Howe,44,9,11,20,24,,44,9,11,20,20
      Tex White,12,3,0,3,0,,9,3,0,3,2
      Wally Kilrea,44,9,11,20,26,,44,8,12,20,22
      Wilf Cude,32,0,0,0,0,,29,0,0,0,0
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